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DISKOGRAFIE Die Form [V3.6, 10.02.97]

Created on 10.02.97 by Thorsten Drewes (toddl@doggybag.cls.de).

Discography: Die Form

 v3.6, 10.02.97

0. Index:

 * Disclaimer
 * Information about Die Form
 * 2.1. Who are Die Form...
 * 2.2. What Die Form say about themselves...
 * 2.3. What I know about Die Form...
 * 2.4. What others want to tell about die Form...

 * Short (and incomplete) discography
 * Detailed discography:

 * Tapes:
 * Vinyl & compact disc:

 * Zoophilic Lolita/Tanz (Eva Johanna Reichstag & Die Form)
 * Bain Total Cleaning Solution  - Music for deaf & dumb persons
 * Mini Album 9
 * Situation Base/Gestual Equivoque 3.18 (Metabolist/Die Form)
 * Die Puppe
 * Heart Of The Monster (Sadist School Audio Product 5)
 * Some Experience with Shock (1984)
 * Some Experience with Shock (1987)
 * Face to Face Vol. 1 (Die Form / Asmus Tietchens)
 * Poupée Mécanique Single
 * Archives & Dokuement
 * Photogrammes
 * Les 120 Journees de Sodome (D.F. Sadist School, Side-Project 1)
 * Corpus Delicti / NEW ROSE
 * Poupée Mécanique Album
 * Archives & Documents (1983-1988) Edition 2 - Revue et Corrigee
 * Savage Logic
 * S.A.123 (Societe Anonyme, Die Form Solo Project, Side-Project 2)
 * Confessions
 * Ambient and Film Music (Sombre Printemps project, Side-Project 3)
 * Corpus Delicti / Parade Amoureuse Phoe
 * Bacterium (D.F. Sadist School, split project w/Etant Donnes)
 * Tears of Eros
 * Ad Infinitum
 * Elektrode: Die Operative Maschine (Die Form Side - Project 4)
 * Rose Au Coeur Violet
 * Suspiria de Profundis
 * Silent Order / Re-Versions
 * Ukiyo (D.F. Sadist School, Side-Project 5 w/A. Nakajima/Aube)
 * The Visionary Garden (Side - Project 6; D.F. Sadist School)
 * Vicious Circles: The Best Of
 * L;âme électrique
 * Phenomena of visitation
 * Releases on compilations

 * Videos:

 * Video: Phenomena of visitation

 * Printed material:

 * Book: The Visionary Garden - Philippe Fichot, Die Form

 * Die Form Live Actions
 * 5.1. TV coverage
 * 5.2. Radio coverage
 * 5.3. Concert dates
 * 5.4. Concert reviews

 * Artistic background
 * Internet resources
 * Missing things
 * This document can be found at...

1. Disclaimer:

 This file includes various information about Die Form in general and
especially about releases of Die Form.

 This file is not complete of course.

 Just for your information: my mother tongue is not English. I apologise
for any errors or weird constructions.

 * Currently maintained by Thorsten Drewes (toddl@doggybag.cls.de).
 * Original discography compiled by Ansgar Spiertz
 * Corrections and additions by:

 * Thorsten Drewes (toddl@doggybag.cls.de)
 * "Professor Ned" (James.P.Kirby-1@tc.umn.edu)
 * Andre Fuhrmann (raven@berlin.snafu.de)
 * Hagen (stockha@uni-muenster.de)
 * Ingo Wolf (wolfi@ld3330tn.esa.nbg.scn.de)

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 If you have any information you would like to see included or corrected,
don't hesitate to e-mail me.

2. Information about Die Form:

2.1. Who are Die Form...

Die Form are:

 * Philippe Fichot:
concept, programming, lyrics, sampling, male vocals, instruments and mix,  
 as well as training, persuasion and performances...
 * Elaine P.:
 female vocals, special assistance, live acts
 * Pascale C.:
 female buto dancer/performer

Die Form can be contacted at:

B.P. 14

2.2 What Die Form say about themselves...

From the press booklet:

(This text can also be found on the Vicious Circles: The Best Of"
Among the French independent productions, years after years, DIE FORM has
been able to impose a music and an image the more complete in the practice
of "multi-media intervention" (records and cassettes, live actions,
photographs and films...)

 Besides about a hundred participations to international compilations,
since 1978 several records, compact discs and cassettes which are
conspicuous by the sound and visual quality, allow to catch a glimpse of
the peculiar universe of the group: techno-sex music, industrial electro-
dance or more experimental futurist constructions (based on rhythms, cuts,
sampling, treated voices and electronic sequencing).

 Perverse and subversive images, sado-masochist fascination of sexuality
and death...DIE FORM exhibits the esthetic outrage oscillating on the
boundary of interdicts.

2.3. What I know about Die Form...

Die Form is a French duo which consists of Philippe Fichot (age 37) -
responsible for composing, programming and artwork - and Eliane P. (age 32)
who does the vocals. Both are living together in a 45m^2 sized flat in a
small village in France since 12 years with their bulldog "Eros". [stupid
trivia, but, wow, sounds so romantic... ed.]

 The sound of Die Form could be categorised as a mixture of electro,
industrial and techno which is often dominated by pulsating hypnotic
machine-like beats and (since the last releases) by the classical
sacral-like vocals of Eliane P.

 But the music is just one component of the multi-media artwork of Die Form
which confronts us also with provocative and contradictory pictures and
live performances. These live performances probably added a lot to the
image of Die Form as an industrial act which is based in the S/M and fetish
scene. Nowadays those public appearances have become more tame - maybe one
reason for this is Philippe being fed up with the categorisation of Die
Form as "sex industrial".

 The name "Die Form" originates from a journal of the same name which was
issued in the 1920es in Germany and was strongly connected to the Bauhaus
arts and architecture movement.

 The name "Bain Total" first appeared on the album Bain Total Cleaning
Solution - Music for deaf & dumb persons" of 1977.

 The first single of Die Form Zoophilic Lolita/Tanz was released in 1977
and a larger audience was reached with the debut lp "Die Puppe" in 1982.

 Since their change to the German
[http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium label in 1992(?) they
are now one of the most prominent formations in European electronic
underground music.

 Over 75 percent of their albums are sold in Germany.

 At the moment of writing Die Form is busy with producing a video, new
pictures and thinking about a new album which will complete the "Trilogy of
passion" which was started by Suspiria de Profundisand continued by L;âme


 (Eliane P. & Philippe Fichot)

2.4. What others want to tell about die Form...

Ecki Stieg, presenter of German electronic music show "Grenzwellen" on FFN
radio, 21.04.96:

Sex, sado-masochism, the border zones of human sexuality and death are the
main topics of DIE FORM, the project of French Philippe Fichot.

 Even in 1992 the band caused a stir by their extremly permissive
performances, This lead to the fact that admittance to DIE FORM in Germany
concerts is only permitted to persons beyond 18 years. Musically DIE FORM
started as an atonal avantgardistic project in the tradition of Throbbing
Gristle or the early Cabaret Voltaire turning soon to more pop-like but
neither less seductive synthi-pop-sounds: The dark, menacing heaviness of
Fichot's compositions became more approachable by an electronic
instrumentation which is more up-to-date and danceable without losing any
intensity nor essence.

American magazine ND in 1985:

Ned writes:
[...] I came across an old, old issue of ND magazine, an experimental
audio/art magazine from Texas.  It's issue #4 from January 1985 and has an
article on Die Form!! [...] and there is a note that the English
translation may be a bit rough...[...]  All the spelling errors are present
in the original: I have corrected nothing.




Interactions between the individual and the environment.  Transcriptions of
emotions through sound and image.  From whence a certain difformity recoils
into the indefinite.


 Natural selection (afraid to be devoured) Incesant mutations, derived from
doing the same constant movement.

 The repetition or the insaturation of an involving system.  The loss of
intensity and then the final solutin and self-destruction.It is why all the
means of action are used, alternatively, or superimposed, hindering as well
a shifty system.

 Hybrid system, mobile, all the time out of step and impregnated selected
images/ selected in the time.  Elusive because it is unclassifiable. 
Beyond all control.  To give birth to the new multi-formed cells and
multifunctions, branching out into the infinitive.(Eva-Johanna
Reichstag/Krylon Hertz/Fine Automatic/Camera Obscura/Mental Code/Hurt)


Elaboration of a triangular system to the complimentary

 "Sex & Bestiality" is the concretation of a deciding action, planned for
the year 1.984 and dedicated to Genesis P-Orridge: gathered together arond
the theme of sex and bestiality, the creatures of the entire world, working
in all domains and by the aid of any means.Exit a deadened street.

 Catalyst/Present/Reomve yourself.


 "Some Experiences With Shock" constitutes the point of rupture permitted
to evolve beyond the limits fixed through the course of the year through
developing images.  Out of this same system comes Die Form: Bain Total.

 Abandon the opportunity due to machines or rhythmic automation, to utilize
all of the digital technology on a par with to give back these sounds.  Out
of the new album, all of the ambiguity and the duality of Die Form are
condensed.  The cuts of the side "Survival and Determination" recorded in
the studio, are the direct realization of previous works, while the side
"Lacerations and Immolation" has a new autonomous production, not
necessarily a recourse outside of the organization, is the concentration of
new orientations, sounds and visuals of Die Form.

 Scrupulous selection of the new collaboration and participations, avoiding
being parasitic.Scenic evolution of representations near certain images of
violence and sex:


 After the single "Heart Of The Monster" (with Front de l'Est) and the
album "Some Experiences With Shock" (concerning Terrace & Maky, a new
associations based in Paris), Die Form is preparing a 3rd album composed
without exterior interventions (diversification of approaches).

 As for Bain Total, if the necessary means are reunited, catalog 5
(Sept/Oct) will present new box cassettes (Etant Donnes/Legendary Pink
Dots/I.M.M./D.F.S.S./Kosa-Die Form/Sex And Bestiality vol 1 international
audio- graphic compilation), as well as new issue of "Graph" (4), composed
of written texts by Pierre Demossier, illustrated by photographs and a
cassette of Die Form.

 The music of Die Form may be the scum of all sorts of deviations, of which
the sexual deviations (medical or para medical, sadomasochism, urology,
scatology, zoophilie...) Two orientations are possible: the exhibition and
the suggestions.  The dosage must be operated with great care so as not to
fall into the excess of cliches and references, in proportion with our
rejections of all systems of reference.  After a phase of ehibition of much
searching, we orient ourselves at the time near a applainssement on the
level of visual representation.  The spectator must make an effort of
adaption and the transcription, rather than to be aggressive.  We are
reaching certain limits beyond, which the human body and the psychic is in
a manner irreversable.

 For functioning, the system of D.F. must be in constant
evolution/mutation.  We look for neither sedution or pushing, leaving the
spectator and the listener of liberty, of judgement, and the
interpretation.  Each act is the representation of overt heart of passion. 
We play near ambiguity and frustration for dedication to easy access.  All
is constructed near a conspiracy till the end of time, in a more or less
controllable manner.  Until a state outside of place and outside of time. 
Introversion.  Only the extreme relations, of which the usage of cries and
of shock, is able to disengage that state.  We refuse all systems of
references, because they are not unique.  They are not always the soul and
blood.  The bonds who we are and we wound (cords and chains) are that one
of sublime quotes and concentrated near a very short duration.  Die Form
disturbs by its lack of foresight and stability, but especially by its
immodest exhibition of pleasure and suffering.

 Obscure revelation of love.

 We succeded over the years to free ourselves from the influence and to
give an identity to our productions, to the quality of work of the
presentation.  It is not conceivable to leave a product unfinished or

 -At the level of support of production all means interest us.  The only
barrier being financial.  After the release of a single and an album, we
are going to dedicate ourselves to the production of films and videos.  We
are not waiting for the public, but rather we are going to wait for a
movement on their part towards us.  Convergence.

 We nevertheless hold to touch the exterior of the industrial music to
avoid saturation.-There is often a duality to Die Form, because it is the
reflection of the transcription of our passion.  We are able to choke
certain profits from others.  The selection can not operate never having.

 -We have the difficulty of distributing our own products, we lack the time
and the means.Moreover, we want to remain at the limit of obscurity and
light.  Each product, in order to conserve the identity, must guard a
confidential and limited diffusion.  We work with a minimium number of
distributors, in the end remaining autonomous.  We had too many unpleasant
levels of payment and usurpations.

 -For Etant Donnes the best way is to write or telephone.  Eric and Marc
Hurtado, 64 rue de Stalingrad, 31800 Greno Le. tel(76)464513.

 -When we present the images, we do not pose ourselves to the problem of
the listener understanding out music.  When an image is, shown, it is a
necessity to an immediate context.  The public is free to assist in any of
our representations, our advance or recession is up to them of that which
we submit.

3. Short (and incomplete) discography:

(as included in "Vicious Circles - The Best Of" CLEO 96892)

 See 4. (below) for more detailed discography!
1982     Die Puppe 1
1984     Some Experiences With Shock
1987     Poupée Mécanique
1988     Archives & Doküments box-set 1 + booklet
          Second Vision Of Fetish (1.986)
          Es lebe der Tod (1.987)
          Lustful Collection (1.983-88)
1989     Photogrammes
1991     Les 120 Journees de Sodome (D.F. Sadist School, Side-Project 1)
1991     Corpus Delecti
1991     S.A.123 (Societe Anonyme, Side-Project 2)
1992     Ambient & Film Music (D.F. Sadist School, Side-Project 3)
1992     Bacterium (D.F. Sadist School, split project w/Etant Donnes)
1992     Confessions
1993     Tears Of Eros
1993     Ad Infinitum
1993     Die Operative Maschine (Elektrode, Side-Project 4)
1994     Rose au Coeur Violet
1994     Suspiria de Profundis
1994     Silent Order Re-Versions
1994     Ukiyo (D.F. Sadist School, Side-Project 5 w/A. Nakajima/Aube)
1995     The Visionary Garden (D.F. Sadist School, Side-Project 6)
1995     Museum Of Ecstasy (box-set 2CD + booklet/compilation)
1995     L'Ame Electrique
1996     Vicious Circles: The Best Of (collection on Cleopatra)
 Ned writes:
The discog doesn't mention the second edition of Archives & Doküments, or
the second edition of Die Puppe, or the D.Sign single (I've heard rumours
that there are 2, "Burning Cells" and one other), or the book, or the
singles (however many of them there are), or the tapes (God knows how many
of *them* there are). Also, Museum Of Ecstasy was supposed to have already
been released, but I was informed that it was pushed back because Fichot
didn't get his artwork to [http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html]
Hyperium in time. So it's been pushed back about a month.

4. Detailed discography:

 I guess there are missing a lot of single releases...


This information is taken out of the "BAIN TOTAL / DIE FORM TAPES" leaflet:
Chrome cassettes, dolby B NR, old material for fans only!

 *  1977: Indite / C.60
 *  1978: Indite / C.60
 *  1979: K.01: I / C.60 [note: "I" as in the Roman Numeral "one".]
 *  1981: K.04: Virgin Flavour / C.60
 *  1981/1986: K.04: Virgin Flavour (Remix 1986) / C.60

 * year:
    1981 (Remix 1986)

 * no:
    Bain Total K.04

 * media type:

 * track list:

Side A:

Raped Flesh
Your Reality
White Carnation
Carmel Snow *

Side B:

Absolute Time
Intermedia (live)
Final Days 1
Internation (live)
Wardance (live)
Dead Man (Suicide)
Freitag 13 (live)
Observations Cliniques
Mit klangloser Stimme *
In/Form Cablature Of Desire *
* extra Tracks

 * information included with the tape:

 * cover:

All compositions D.F. 80/82

Total Remix 86

 *  1981: Endless K7: Disabled Landscape
 *  ????: K.05: Krylon Hertz / C.30
 *  1981: K.06: Eva-Johanna R. (aka Eva-Johanna Reichstage Memorial 78-79)
/ C.60
 *  1982: K.08: Fine Automatic (r-dition) / C.60
 *  ????: K.10: Camera Obscura 1 / C.60
 *  ????: K.11: Camera Obscura 2 / C.60
 *  1982: K.12: Final Edition (Face B) / C.60
 *  1982: K.14: Le Plomb des Cartes / La loge infernal / C.60, original &
limited edition
 *  1983: K.14: Le Plomb des Cartes / La loge infernal / C.60, r-dition
dans coffret
 *  1983/1986: K.14: Le Plomb des Cartes / La loge infernal / C.90, remix

 * year:
    1983 (Remix 1986)

 * no:
    Bain Total K.14

 * media type:

 * track list:

Side A:

Traces D'A.A. Sur Le Mur Gris
Blue Cinema II
Hard Fraktion
Cortege (Part I/II/III/IV)
Statische Reise III
Face & Faceless
Messer im Fleisch
Gloria Mundi

Side B:

Convulsive & Nude
Test Bild
Method Of Execution
Cruel Phylosophy
Fire / Climax

 * information included with the tape:

 * cover:

All compositions D.F. 82

Total Remix 86
Extra Track:"M" live

 *  ????: K.15: Germany compilation / C.60
 *  1983: K.19: Excisions / C.60

 * year:

 * no:
    Bain Total K.19

 * media type:

 * track list:

Side A:

Mission In Asia
Projected Sign
Lili Marleen
Arabian Draught
Screams From Monastery

Side B:

Torture (Section 1/2)
Enforced Sex
Sequence Viol (in real time)
Leders Klub
Zimmer 23

 * information included with the tape:

 * cover:

All compositions by D.F. 1983

 *  1980/81: K.20: Archives 1 (or Archives / Doküments) / C.60

 * year:

 * no:
    Bain Total K.20

 * media type:

 * track list:

Side A:


Side B:

Der Diwan
Sexual Discipline

 * information included with the tape:

 * cover:

all compositions by DF / 80-81

 *  ????: K.22: Du CoeurHumain / C.60

 * year:

 * no:
    Bain Total K.22

 * media type:

 * track list:

le remords.
état d'émotion
la nuque.
la force
les effets

 *  ????: K.23: Sex & Bestiality compilations (4 volumes C.90)
 *  1984: ????: Red Action / C.60, co-production Bain Total/Terrace & Maky
(1 face)
 *  1984: K.26: D.F.Sadist School 1984 / C.30
 *  1984: ????: D.F.Sadist School 1984 / C.30, bootleg
 *  ????: K.27: Fine Automatic 2 / C.40
 *  1984: K.28: Messe Basse (soundtracks) / C.30 (or C.60?), livret de
textes de Pierre Demossier & photographies

 * year:

 * no:
    Bain Total K.28

 * media type:
    C.30 or C.60 (one side cassette)

 * information included with the tape:

 * cover:

textes: pierre demossier
musique: die form

à Henri Michaux

One Side Cassette


Silent Method Product

 *  ????: K.29: Hurt (Sadist School Product) / C.30 (or C.60)

 * year:

 * no:
    Bain Total K.29

 * media type:
    C.30 or C.60 (one side cassette)

 * information included with the tape:

 * cover:

    1984 C.60 One side Cassette

 *  ????: K.30: Die Puppe / C.40
 *  ????: K.31: Some Experiences With Shock / C.30
 *  1987: K.32: Es lebe der Tod (Symposium On Reconstructive Mental Vision
1.) / C.48 (or C.50)

 * year:

 * no:
    Bain Total K.32

 * media type:
    C.48 or C.50, DOLBY B

 * track list:

Side A:

Reflex 2
Criminal Passion
Sing Song
Dance Music
Maldoror (Chant Troisième)
Uns Kill

Side B:

Es lebe der Tod
Murder/Projection (Extract)
Tote Kinder aus Deutschland

 * information included with the tape:

 * cover:

Produced By Die Form 1987
Copyright Control Die Form
All Compositions D.F.
Sampling And Instruments:
Philippe Fichot.

1-2-3-4-5-7-10 are directly mastered from samplers
and sequencers, without tape recorder

6-8-9-10 (part 2) are recorded on 4 Track tape
machine and synced with sequencers for addition
of samplers & synthesizers.

5 / Thanks to BOUBOU (bulldog interventions)

10 / Thanks to Valérie and Katia.

Machinery: MC4 & MC500 Microcomposer/ AKAI S900
Samplers/TX7, FB01, Juno 2, System 100 M & RSF Kobol
Synthesizers/Effects/Acoutic Instruments and=20

Cover Painting
Jürgen Kramer
Es lebe der Tod (1)
"Malerei" 1986

C.50 Stereo-Cassette / Dolby B

 *  1984: K.33: X.Action (SadistSchool) / C.30
 *  ????: K.34: Fetish 1 / C.48
 *  ????: K.35: Flexible Music 1 (w.DZLECTRIC) / C.45

Vinyl & compact disc:

Zoophilic Lolita/Tanz (Eva Johanna Reichstag & Die Form):

 * year:
  1977 (other source: 1979)

 * no:
  Bain Total EP 001 (other source: B.T.S.00/01

 * media type:
  single 7"

 * track list:

Zoophilic Lolita    6.15"
Tanz                3.45"

Bain Total Cleaning Solution - Music for deaf & dumb persons:

 * year:

 * media type:

 * track list:
no information, please send!

Mini Album 9:

 * year:

 * media type:

 * track list:

Zoophilic Lolita 1
Mein Kampf

Situation Base/Gestual Equivoque 3.18 (Metabolist/Die Form)

 * year:

 * no:
  Bain Total BT 009 (other source: B.T.S.03

 * media type:
  single 7"

 * track list:

Metabolist - Le grand pique    3.57"
Die Form   - Situation base    1.48"
Die Form   - Gestual equivoque 3.18"

Die Puppe:

 * year:

 * no:
  LP: Normal 81

 * track list:

Automatic Death
Eastern Ghost
Prefazione Di Pompei
After The Crime
Love With Animal
Night Over My Life
In A Tea Room

 * note:
  This was originally released in '82 and re-released in '89 "remixed" as 
a LP w/bonus 7".  The bonus 7" (and presumably the CD version) contains
these tracks:
After The Last Gaze
Sex By Force
Invisible Man
Zoophilic Lolita

Heart Of The Monster (Sadist School Audio Product 5):

 * year:

 * no:
 * media type:
  single 7"

 * track list:

Heart pf the Monster

 * other info:

  co-production Bain Total/Front de l'Est

Some Experience with Shock (1984):

 * year:

 * no:
  LP: Normal 82
production Terrace & Maky (T.M.311)

 * track list:

Heart of the Monster                               5'57
Autolyse                                           2'00
Close up                                           2'05
Damaged Corpse                                     3'49
Masochist                                          1'48
Caresse                                            3'05
Red Action                                         2'00
Intractable Pain A. A.                             6'10
Survival of a Severly Burned Child                 2'18
Catheterization                                    2'52
Anesthesia & Disfigurement                         2'41
Medial Canthus Operation                           7'24

 * note:
  came with bonus 7". tracks on bonus 7":
Presence                                           3'15
Periods                                            2'24

Some Experience with Shock (1987):

 * year:

 * no:
  CD: Normal 85

 * track list:

Heart of the Monster                               5'57
Autolyse                                           2'00
Close up                                           2'05
Damaged Corpse                                     3'49
Masochist                                          1'48
Caresse                                            3'05
Red Action                                         2'00
Intractable Pain A. A.                             6'10
Survival of a Severly Burned Child                 2'18
Catheterization                                    2'52
Anesthesia & Disfigurement                         2'41
Medial Canthus Operation                           7'24
Presence                                           3'15
Periods                                            2'24

Face to Face Vol. 1 (Die Form / Asmus Tietchens):

 * year:

 * no:
  LP Odd Size

 * track list:

Die Form:
 Animal Instinct (Total Version)
Asmus Tietchens:
 Mysterein des Hafens - Bubendey Notturno
 Ritual auf der Halde

Poupée Mécanique Single:

 * year:

 * no:
  Single NEW ROSE / DFS 4 / Nr 100

 * track list:

Poupée Mécanique   4'33
Sadia              4'05

Archives & Doküments:

 * year:

 * packaging:

 * no:
  Normal 95

 * track list:

Lecon 1: Second Vision of Fetish (1986)
  Face against Ground                                2'51
  Bondage                                            3'05
  New York                                           3'13
  Serenade                                           1'13
  Serial Clones                                      2'51
  Deadline 2                                         3'06
  North Valley                                       2'05
  Necron.X.                                          3'09
  Third Generation                                   3'12
  Shaved Girls                                       3'34
  Was                                                3'07
  Nostalgiia                                         2'17
  Tomorrow                                           2'42
Lecon 2: Es lebe der Tod (1987 - 88)
  Reflex 3                                           3'44
  Criminal Passion                                   4'25
  Es lebe der Tod 3                                 11'05
  Murder / Projection                                4'29
  Tote Kinder aus Deutschland                        3'34
Lecon 3: Lustful Collection (1983 - 88)
  Purple Pain                                        3'44
  Hunt                                               3'17
  Topography                                         3'35
  Dog Handler                                        2'12
  Tenebra                                            2'14
  Newel / Light                                      3'32
  Flesh Wounds                                       4'23
  Sade Memory                                        4'15
  Oltre                                              3'20
  Post-Mortem                                        3'09
  Sade Memory (End)                                  3'06

 * note:
  Limited Box of 3000 (750 Double Compact Discs and 2250 Triple Albums) 
including Booklet 32 Pages. Later released as Double Compact Disc  without


 * year:

 * no:
  LP: Normal 106

 * track list:

  I Have Lost Your Eyes
  Will You Live Again?
  Long-Term Survivor
  Sadia (CD)
  Experiment With Tears
  Shadows Of Death
  Cathodic Funeral (CD)
  Praise Of Stake

 * note:
  There was a limited run of the LP including a bonus 7" that contains the
two  tracks designated as CD on the LP, "Sadia" and "Cathodic Funeral".

 * information included with the cd:

 * booklet:

INSTRUMENTS, as well as training and per-
suasion) KATIA (SWEET VOCALS, during her
summer holidays) ELAINE (SPECIAL ASSIST-
@SONG: Remission
Another day is another life, another way
is another wound... Heavy blows will
break your bones, battle cry, battle cry,
and the flames will burn your sins, chil-
dish tears, childish tears. Remission, die!
die!... Another life is another scream,
another death is another cross.
@SONG: I Have Lost Your Eyes
You walk in the sham abyss, only way up to the
wheels, the skin broken by tears, you grovel,
blind and naked, searching for two twinkling
@SONG: Will You Live Again?
Time passed too quickly to see you again
when you were waiting between life and
death.  I didn't hear your screams, which
nevertheless tore the night, tore the night.
O, will you live, will you live again?  O,
will you live, will you live again?  In the
devestated space of my memories, your passage
is marked by a cross.  Maybe you cursed me,
maybe you smiled at me?... No tears, no tears,
here lies my childhood...
@SONG: Long-Term Survivor
Every day, o every day, every day dissolves
your pain. Every day, o every day, every day
dissolves your shade. And you learn to walk
again, and you learn to breathe again, learn
to shout again. Every day, o every day, every
day dispels your fear. Every day, o every day,
every day dispels your doubts. You're born from
your pain again and you rise from the ashes.
And your wounds are healing over, and the blood
runs in your veins...
@SONG: Sadia (CD)
Sadia, whip me up to blood,
Sadia, be severe with me!...
Metal flashback in your eyes,
metal flashback in your dreams.
@SONG: Experiment With Tears
Knives and toys, knives and tears
criminal in spite of yourself...
Misfortunes never come singly and
you had some little fads... You
always wanted them to be naked,
too lovely and too pure, you
couldn't resist ripping them up,
couldn't resist ripping them up.
But this little black-tongued girl
you followed to do your dirty work,
led you on tortuous lanes to the
depths of Hell... Knives and toys,
knives and tears criminal in spite
of yourself...
@SONG: Shadows Of Death
I'm so young, real non-sens close your
eyes, shadows, shadows. I'm a wounded
animal, close your eyes, shadows,
shadows. I'm so fragile in your hands,
close my eyes, shadows, shadows.
@SONG: Cathodic Funeral (CD)
Not being thirsty for their tears anymore,
steel runs down children's eyes, down chil-
dren's eyes. You just have to switch off,
switch off to live again, just have to turn
away your head to root out anguish, to hit
the screen with a stone, but where can you
find a stone? Neither staring at the images
of pain, nor at the blood spurted out of the
sharp wounds. Endless corridor towards the
bulb, where the punishments and tortures are
built up. You close the curtains, you switch
off the light; in your hand you hold a stone.
While execution wheel rotates in your mind,
I follow the edge of the knife. While the
systems rumble, the fiendish diaphragm closes
up on you : absolute clarity. You close the
curtains, you switch off the light, you turn
away your head, then you hold a stone... But
why do you hit your head, why do you hit
your head...?
@SONG: Praise Of Stake
Why do you cry, why do you scream?
Why do you die, why do you spill?
Why do you slur, why do you smir?
Why do you cry, why do you scream?
Incest crime, incest crime...
@SONG: Immaculee
Verzeihe meinen Augen, die sich schliessen,
Sternensplitter in meinem Herzen, unterwegs
habe ich die Erinnerung an deine Haende
verloren. Unaufhoerlich betrueben sich meine
Vorstellungen. Mir ist kalt bis zum Kern
der Nieren, als der Schleier sich ploetzlich
faerbt, gebe ich mich Deinen Seelenschmerzen
hin. die Unbefleckte.
[translation of Immaculee:
 Forgive my eyes which close,
 starsplinters in my hearts,
 on the way I lost the memory of your hands.  Continually
 my illusions are grieving. I am cold to my core, when the mist
 suddenly colourises, I abandon to your soul-pain.
 The undefiled.

 * note:
  There was a limited run of the LP including a bonus 7" that contains the
two  tracks designated as CD on the LP, "Sadia" and "Cathodic Funeral".

 * note #2:
Ned writes:
Obviously he's wrong about "Sadia" and "Cathodic Funeral", they appear on
the bonus 7".  All the lyrics/writings are also printed (they're long, I
can transcribe them if you want...) My copy has a price sticker on it, 70F.
 I think that's fairly cheap, for France, the equivalent of about US$14 or
22DM.  Standard new price.

Les 120 Journees de Sodome (D.F. Sadist School, Side-Project 1)

 * year:

 * no:
  LP - Parade Amoureuse - PHOE 018

 * track list:

Viola Porpora                                  2'30
Sector Of Hell                                 6'36
The Scavenger                                  6'32
Autolyse 8990                                  3'53
Cafe Morgue                                   13'23
La Femme Sans Tete                             8'30

Corpus Delicti / NEW ROSE:

 * year:

 * no:
  NEW ROSE Arty 35 CD

 * track list:

Slavesex                                           4'02
Chains of Love                                     4'27
Erector Muscle Stimulus                            3'55
Ordinator                                          3'55
Beyond the Bridge                                  4'20
Analogic                                           4'52
Steelknife                                         3'55
Teufel im Leibe                                    4'22
Savage Logic                                       4'17
Corpus Delicti                                     4'04

Poupée Mécanique Album:

 * year:

 * media type:

 * no:
  Normal  83

 * track list:

Grey Scale
Dawn is near
Poupee Mecanique
Strike me
The Beast
Knee down
Little Boy

 * note:
  first edition with following bonus single:

Poupée Mécanique Bonus Single:

 * track list:

Poupee Mecanique (instr.)  3:30
Slow Love                  4:14

Archives & Documents (1983-1988) Edition 2 - Revue et Corrigee:

 * year:

 packaging:  double CD

 * no:
  Danceteria TUECD9202 / D980

 * track list:

Lesson 1: "Fetish"
  Face against Ground                                2'52 * CD1
  Bondage                                            3'05
  New York                                           3'14
  Serenade                                           1'14
  Serial Clones                                      2'52
  Deadline 2                                         3'06
  North Valley                                       2'05
  Necron X                                           3'10
  Third Generation                                   3'12
  Shaved Girls                                       3'35
  Was                                                3'08
  Nostalgia                                          2'17
  Tomorrow                                           2'42
  Crash in the Sky                                   3'25
  Eternal Language                                   3'45
Lesson 2: "Es lebe der Tod"
  Reflex 3                                           3'44
  Criminal Passion                                   4'25
  Sing Song                                          3'37
  Dance Music                                        4'57
  Maldoror (Chant Troisième)                         3'03 * CD2
  Es lebe der Tod 3                                 11'06
  Murder / Projection                                4'30
  Tote Kinder aus Deutschland                        3'34
  Ataxia                                             2'52
  Uns Kill                                           2'33
  Psychotrope                                        3'38
Lesson 3: "Lustful Collection 2"
  Dog Handler                                        2'12
  Purple Pain                                        3'44
  Newel / Light                                      3'32
  Crypt                                              3'13
  Song of Paralysis                                  4'07
  Oltre                                              3'15
  Flesh Wounds                                       4'24
  Post-Mortem                                        3'10
  Sade Memory (End)                                  3'06

 * note:
  This is (probably) a revised version of the old "Archives and Documents" 
double CD. It includes a 16 page booklet with 14 b/w photographies and  a
French text by Gabrielle Wittkop called "Le Nécrophile".

 * information included with the cd:

 * booklet:

Archives & Documents (1983-1988)
Edition 2
Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Es lebe der Tod
Lesson 3
Lustful Collection 2
Produced by Bain Total / Ph. F. 1991
Concept/Programme/Vocals/Sampling and Instruments:
Philippe Fichot.
Dog interventions on 20: Boubou
Thanks to Katia & Valérie on 23.
Voices & live orgasm on 35: Sophie
Artwork & photographs: Ph. F.
12 octobre 19...
"Les eils gris de cette petite fille jettent une ombre grise
sur sa joue. Elle a le sourire ironique et rusé de ceux qui en
savent long. Deux boucles défrisées encadrent son visage,
descendent jusqu'aux festons de la chemise relevée sous
le ausselles et qui dévoile un ventre du même blanc bleuté
qu'on voit à certaines procelaines de Chine. Le mont de
Vénus, trés plat, trés lisse, luit légèrement sous la lumière
de la lampe; on dirait qu'un film de sueur le recouvre.
J'ai écarté les cuisses pur contempler la vulve minee
comme une cicatriee, axu lèves transparentes dùn mauve
pále. Mais il me faudra attendre encore quelques heures
car, pour l'instant, tout le corps est encore un peur rigide,
un peu crispé, jusqu'à ce que la chaleur de la chambre
l'amollisse comme une cire. J'attendrai done. Cette petite
fille en vaut la peine. C'est vraiment une très belle morte.
(Gabrielle Wittkop "Le Nécrophile")

Savage Logic:

 * year:

 * no:
  MCD: Parade Amoureuse / SPV Phoe 016 / MCD

 * track list:

Savage Logic                                       4'14
Power of Persuation                                3'47
Savage Logic                                       3'56
Technicolor                                        4'57

S.A.123 (Societe Anonyme, Die Form Solo Project, Side-Project 2)

 * year:

 * no:
  LP - Tuesday Records/DanceTeria TUE9107/D445

 * track list:

Track List:
Talking Doll
Urban Pains
Deep Scratch
Kriminal Kinder
Generic Switch
Eternal Paradise
Space Crash
System 8591

 * note:
Andre writes:
You can't recognize on the record which name is the band/project name and
which name is the title. Since SA123 is also one of the track names, I
suppose that Societe Anonyme is the name of the project.


 * year:

 * no:
  CD Danceteria / SPV 084-13022

 * track list:

Elliptic                                           2'39
Silent Order                                       5'11
Intense Blue                                       3'46
Lolita Love                                        4'50
Mechanized                                         3'44
Telemat                                            4'34
Art of Illusion                                    3'50
Blind Obedience                                    4'48
Hypnotron                                          4'38
Feel the Night                                     4'16
Secret Light                                       4'05
Deep Skin                                          4'31

 * information included with the cd:

 * booklet:

"Je n'étais pas assise dessus comme d'ordinaire; mais à cheval, et la
ètait couverte en velours. Les sensations m'ayant plu, j'ai recommencé;
L'usage du doigt n'est venu qu'aprés". (G.G. Clèrambault)
"passion érotique des étoffes chez la femme"
Produced by Bain Total/Ph. F. (r) 1992
Composed & performed by Die Form/Ph. Fichot
Recorded & mixed by Rayman X. at the Red Light during November-December
1991 & January 1992.
Photography & cover design: Ph. F. voices on Lolitla Love: Sing.
Die Form: Phillipe Fichot & Eliane P.

Ambient and Film Music (Sombre Printemps project, Side-Project 3):

 * year:

 * no:
  CD Danceteria TUECD9203.D760

 * track list:

Sombre Printemps                                   3'48
Chrysalid World                                    4'20
Magnet                                             4'49
Oceanic Terminal                                   3'53
Possession                                         4'01
Parasitic Noise Extasy                             4'02
Orphaned                                           4'18
Rapture                                            4'35
Convulse                                           3'58
Nude with a Cross                                  3'52

 * note:
In older versions of this discography this cd went under the name "Sombre
Printemps".Andre pointed out to me that this CD is actually called "Ambient
and Film Music" and that the project name is "Sombre Printemps".

Corpus Delicti / Parade Amoureuse Phoe:

 * year:

 * packaging:

 * no:
  Parade Amoureuse Phoe 017/CD

 * information included with the cd:

 * booklet:

Produced by Bain Total/DF (P) 1990
Composed & performed by Die Form
Mixed bay Rayman.X at Red Light
Laboratory during May-June 1990
Photography and Coverdesign: Philippe F.
Philippe F. (Concept, Programming
Lyrics, Instruments & Male Vocals)
Eliane P. (Female Vocals, Special
Assistance & Dog Instruction)
Discography (LP & CD)
Die Puppe
Some Experiments with Shock
Poupee Mecanique
Archive & Dok ments (Box)
Corpus Delicti

Bacterium (D.F. Sadist School, split project w/Etant Donnes):

 * year:

 * no:
   CD Danceteria TUECD9204.D70

 * track list:

Bacterium                                         17'24
Poison                                             3'44
Incubus                                            4'30

 * note:
  Split CD with three additional tracks of "Etant Donnes"  called "Sol",
"Aimant + Aimant" and "Vent"

Tears of Eros:

 * year:

 * no:
  [http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium CD 39100632

 * track list:

Imagine                                            4'44
Erotic Non Stop                                    5'03
Doctor X                                           3'12
Transcode                                          5'03
Imagine (Revoiced Mix)                             3'33
Tears of Eros                                      5'21

 * information included with the cd:

 * cd cover:

All compositions: Ph. Fichot / Die Form /
[http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium [P] 1992

 * booklet:

All compositions produced by Bain Total / Ph. F.
Composed and performed by Ph. Fichot / Die Form
Recorded during march & april 1992 at the
Red Light Laboratory (France)
Photography & cover desgin: Ph. F.
Rubber equipment by Demask / Amsterdam
Die Form are: Philippe Fichot & Eliane P.
"L'interdit enage à la transgression, sans
laquelle l'action n'aurait pas eu la lueur
mauvaise qui séduit ... C'est la transgression de
l'interdit qui envoûte ..." Georges Bataille / 1961

Ad Infinitum:

 * year:

 * no:
  [http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium CD 39100075242

 * track list:

Ad Infintum                                        4'05
Unlimited                                          4'55
Bite of God                                        4'08
Chronovision                                       4'23
Vertex                                             5'05
Necrophilia                                        4'14
In the Evening of Life                             3'39
Room                                               4'09
Submachine                                         3'22
Simulator                                          3'40
Delta Neurosis Activation                          4'44

 * information included with the cd:

 * booklet:

Bain Total / 8, Rue du 4 Septembre
F-01000 Bourg en Bresse / France

 * cd cover:

Produced by Bain Total
Composed & performed by Philippe Fichot
Female vocals & loops by Eliane P.
Photography and cover design: Ph. F.
Rubber equipment by Demask / Amsterdam

 * comment:
Following "Confessions" and "Tears of eros", Die Form renews their dark
link by creating yet another of theri unique visions with "Ad Infinitum",
but with a much wider range of emotions and athmospheres...

 Twisting projections out or religious imagery turn into the instrument of
fetishism and masochism, a song of praise for the shadows, a hymn on the
fascination of the heartbeating machine inside us, the game of attraction
and repulsion, impregnated with poetry and passion: the listener will
simply slip into the labyrinth...

 "We sink into the blise of darkness and will discobver in its very own
beauty". (Tanizaki Junichirô)

Elektrode: Die Operative Maschine (Die Form Side - Project 4):

 * year:

 * no:
  hypnobeat, LC 6821, CD 85921054

 * track list:

Headworks                     1'39
Z.E.N.                        8'04
Poetic Machinery              4'55
Elektrode                     3'59
Submit To Experiment          4'12
Faceless Kiss                 4'13
Beauty In Obscurity           4'43
Virus Emission 2              6'07
Therapy                       7'40
Pathetic Anatomic             2'23

 * information included with the cd:

 * booklet:

Artwork by Eugen Plan, Kopalgasse 14-28 / 35 / 10, A-1110 Wien, Austria
Contact and information by Bain Total, B,P. 14, F-01370 St. Etienne Du
Thanks to Eugen Plan / Theresia / Helmut Wolech  and Electric-Waves Systems

 * cd cover:

Die Operative Maschine
Die Form Side - Project 4
Music composed and performed by Phillipe Fichot / Die Form
Produced by Bain Total / Phillipe Fichot [p] 1993

 * comment:

 Elektrode is the new project of Philippe Fichot, mastermind behind Die
Form. This project shows his more experimental side, including mechanical
and mental landscapes.

 The drawings and paintings included in this booklet are from Eugen Plan,
an artist living in Vienna, and are a fascinating complement to the
music."Die Operative Maschine" takes a particular standpoint: treating
medical experiments as torture and being against segregation and exclusion.

 The tracks inflict pain and violence as well as express beauty and poetry
in the hope of reaction and to touch the audience to the depths of their
soul, beyond the appearances.

Rose Au Coeur Violet:

 * year:

 * no:
  [http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium Mini-CD 3910108226

 * track list:

Cantique II                                        6'35
Automat 994                                        4'37
Bite of Dog *v*                                    6'14
Éclipse II  *v*                                    5'00
Silent Order (D. F. Remix)                         5'45
Slavesex 994                                       3'59
Savage Logic (D. F. Remix)                         4'18

 * information included with the cd:

 * booklet:

Rose au coeur violet
Se vouer à toi ô cruel
A toi, couleuvre rose
O, vouloir être cause
Couvre-toi, la rue ose
Ouvre-toi, ô la sucrée
Va où suréel côtoie
O, l'oiseau crève-tour
Vil os écoeura route
Coeur violé osa tuer
Soeur à voile courte - écolier vous a outré
Curé, où Eros t'a violé - où l'écu osera te voir
Où verte coloriée sua - cou ouvert sera loi
O rire sous le couteau
Roses au coeur violet
Les anagrammes francais ont éé faits par Nora Mitrani et
Hans Bellmer. Joe Bousquet a collaboré aux lignes 4,7 et 13.
Les annagrammes en allemand sont de Hans Bellmer (1954).

cd cover:
composed and performed by philippe fichot | die form [P] 1994 - copyright
control -
recorded at red light laboratory | france
female vocals: éliane p.
*v*: from d.f. sadist school forthcoming prod. "the visionary garden" |
side-project 6
cover design and photgraphy: philippe f.
model: betty b.
title from hans bellmer in "petite anatomie de l'inconscient ou l'anatomie
l'image" [ed E. Losfeld | Paris]

 * comment:

 "Rose au coeur violet" is a homage to Hans Bellmer - it is the sequel to
the anagram he wrote together with Nora Mitrani and Joe Bousquet...

 The work is a journey thorugh time and different style, taken formt he
upcoming album "Suspiria de Profundis" (Cantique, Automat 995) and
parallels the future side-project "The Visionary Garden" (Bite of Dog,
Eclipse) and three remixes (Silent Order, Slavesex, Savage Logic).

 The CD contains new photography and a geometric asthetic which is inspired
by the lines of the Bauhaus movement.

Suspiria de Profundis:

 * year:

 * no:
  [http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium CD LC

 * track list:

santa dolore                                       4'25
chain reaction                                     4'30
animalized                                         5'25
man sonic                                          4'30
mental epidmic                                     4'57
cantique I                                         6'40
no future                                          3'32
automat 994                                        4'39
child of sorrows                                   4'56
hurt me                                            3'42
via dolorosa                                       4'26
sonic temple                                       4'33
suspiria de profundis                              4'30

 * information included with the cd:

 * booklet:

"Ici se contemplèrent unies la mort et la volupté:
leur deux visages n'en faisaient qu'un seul"

 * back sides of included pictures:

  novice in the circle
  of ashes
  body convulsed by
  far into the night
  in my swimming eyes
  you are consuming.
  blood flows from my breast
  blood flows from my heart.
  "spectarunt nuptas hic
  se mors atque voluptas unus
  (fama ferat) quum duo,
  vultus erat"
  libera me, lux aeterna
  libera me, inviolata
  in my hand your heart is beating
  angels will take it away...
  rotating child, armless body
  cold metal skin of prosthesis,
  oppresive forms, cage and needles
  child of sorrows
  virgin drowned in cold waters
  nailed on the cross
  and burnt to death
  impaled and steeped into
  dark fluids
  nailed on the cross
  and burnt to death.
all pictures copyright p. fichot

 * cover:

Die Form
Suspiria de Profundis
composed and performed by philippe fichot
die form (P)1994 - copyright control
recorded at red light laboratory / france
die form are philippe f. and éliane p.
cover design and photography: philippe f.

 * comment:

 With Suspiria de Profundis, Die Form emerge themselves deeper into the
realm of emotions, of reflections of the sould and of the symbiose of
machine and poetry. In this work one can hear the unity of organic and
electronic sounds, woven through with beautiful female vocals.

 Thirteen songs and eight brand new photos, joined together to form an
erotic and exalted dream.

Silent Order / Re-Versions:

 * year:

 * no:
   [http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium MCD 3910115316

 * track list:

Silent Order (Remixed by Philippe Fichot)          4'36
Silent Order (Remixed by Martin Bowes)             4'07
Silent Order (Remixed by Adi Newton)               5'08
Silent Order (Remixed by Martin Bowes)             3'51
Silent Order (Remixed by Philippe Fichot)          4'20
Silent Order (Remixed by Martin Bowes)             5'12
Silent Order (Remixed by Adi Newton)               5'11

 * information included with the cd:

Die Form
Silent Order
Martin Bowes
(Attrition) Rev. 2/4/6
Philippe Fichot
(Die Form) Rev. 1/5
Adi Newton
(Clock DVA) Rev. 3/7
Copyright Control 1994
Ph. Fichot / Die Form
Vocals by Eliane P.
Artwork: Philippe F.
World of angels, world of demons

Ukiyo (D.F. Sadist School, Side-Project 5 w/A. Nakajima/Aube)

 * year:

 * no:
  CD Hypnobeat Records CD 3422-2

 * track list:

Molecular Heart Agitation     3'12
Akuma                         8'30
Kagami                        3'53
Raijin                       11'15
Purgatory I                   2'01
Ukiyo-Mu                      3'44
Mu                            6'42
Fuujin                       14'33
Ukiyo                         5'12

 * comment:

 After a travel to Japan and a collaboration between Philippe Fichot (Die
Form) and Akifumi Nakajima (Aube), Ukiyo is the new side-project from
D.F.Sadist school. This project, born from a new friendship and a
fascination for this other so far-away world, explores new landscapes of

 Besides the vocals of Mutsumi Oku, a lot of sounds have been recorded
directly in Kyoto (in the gardens, the temples, the streets...) to create
either mediative and minimalist sequences. Personal transcription of
contrasts where are mixed violence and extreme beauty, where remain
ancestral traditions and where the time seems to speed up till naught.

 Ukiyo were this floating world created for sensual pleasure...

The Visionary Garden (Side - Project 6; D.F. Sadist School):

 * year:

 * no:
  CD hypnobeat CD 3433-2

 * track list:

Sleeping Body Unter Water   4'21
Paradise                    4'09
Purgatory II                7'10
The Visionary Garden        4'52
Eclipse III                 5'20
Via Dolorosa (instr.)       4'24
Eclipse II                  5'00
Mechano Fraktur             6'10
Ad Nauseam                  5'35
Bite of Dog                 6'14
New Sentimental             4'46

 * information included with the cd:

 * booklet information:

De l'inceratine vision de l'âme dont
l'image se reflète au-delà du trouble.
á la recherche obstinée du désespoir
trompeur: noyées délicates engourdies.
organes paisables exposés à la vue.
le gisantes reposent dans de écrins.
peut-être tissés de mousses épiphytes?
Sans peine, elles flottent, d'absence
en autres mondes, s'effaçant absence
de l'image comme fantômes absolus
aspirés sous la surface:
la lumière se décompose dans l'ombre du
Composed, performed and recorded
by Philippe Fichot/Die Form
[P] 1995/Copyright Control
Cover Design & Photography: Ph. Fichot
The Visionary Garden book is available through
B.P. 14 / F-01370 St. Etienne Du Bois / France

 * comment:

 For students of the extreme this educational aid should not be missed.

 In this sixth side-project you will experience experimental chill oit
phases, as you learn the values of experimentation, and the importance of
relaxation, after the rigors of the previous lessons...

 Philippe Fichot, composer, performer, shows us once again how broad his
musical talents are, with this latest effort he branches off into new
areas, and shows a sensitivity for the athmospheric, which only proves him
truly the headmaster in his field.

 This audio collection is supplemented with a bookof photographic works
available at BAIN TOTAL and ARTWARE.

Vicious Circles: The Best Of

 * no:
  Cleopatra CLEO 96892

 * year:

 * track list:

Doctor X (from TEARS OF EROS)
Silent Order 4 (from SILENT ORDER RE-VERSIONS)
Bite Of God (from AD INFINITUM)
Masochist 2 (from ??? - the original is on SOME EXPERIENCE WITH SHOCK)
Savage Logic Remix (from ROSE AU COEUR VIOLET)
Mental Epidemic (from SUSPIRIA DE PROFUNDIS)
Necrophilia (from AD INFINITUM)
Imagine (from TEARS OF EROS)
Kagami (from UKIYO)

 * information included with the cd:

(the following text taken straight off the back of the disc, spelling
errors and
 all.  I did not make it up.)
'Among the French independent productions, years after years, DIE FORM has
 been able to impose a music and an image the more complete in the practice
 of "multi-media intervention" (records and cassettes, live actions,
 photographs and films...)
 Besides about a hundred participations to international compilations,
 since 1978 several records, compact discs and cassettes which are
 conspicuous by the sound and visual quality, allow to catch a glimpse of
 the peculiar universe of the group: techno-sex music, industrial electro-
 dance or more experimental futurist constructions (based on rhythms, cuts,
 sampling, treated voices and electronic sequencing).
 Perverse and subversive images, sado-masochist fascination of sexuality
 and death...DIE FORM exhibits the esthetic outrage oscillation on the
 boundary of interdicts.'

L;âme électrique:

 * year:

 * no:
  CD 39101562

 * track list:

Martyrium (Memorial to Hiroshima)              3'26
Phenomena of Visitation                        4'32
Rosa Aeterna (to Robert Desnos)                4'12
La Somnambule                                  5'18
The Hate                                       4'25
Le Reve 2                                      5'05
Martyrium 1 (The Lovers)                       4'30
La Machine Moderne                             4'20
Le Reve 1                                      3'30
Luminary (L'âme électrique)                    5'05
Hallucigenia                                   4'58
Unreal Cinema 1                                8'33

 * information included with the cd:

 * booklet:

Martyrium 2
(Memorial to Hiroshima)
fire dissolves my pain
your dissected skull
rests on my kness.
Phenomena of visitation
inside me
tongue of the snake
kiss of the life
kiss of the death
inside me, inside me...
La somnanbule
la nuit s'ouvre: lame cruelle
découpant voiles et dentelles.
métronome en ton coeur, lancé
jusqu'à précipice inversé...
pale nude unter the moon
walking in abysses.
between water and sky:
white light reveals your skin.
l nuit t'etouffe, noir duel
déchirant ta peau: cruel.
dans la fuite, ton corps se dévoile:
ombre succombe à cri d'étoile.
Le rêve 2
shadows emerge from the sleeping heads
feverish bodies are exposed to view
far from the world of rational ideas
far from the world of visible things...
fragile ouverte la nuit
anime en toi l'étoile...
geisha, blanche parée
souffle caresse et t'enfuis.
diffuse visions behind the mirror
unreal vapour caresses your skin
throw you out of the reality
far from the world of visible things.
(L'âme electrique)
behind your face, unreal light
behind your mask, unreal pain
behind your hate, unreal flame
behind your tears, unreal life.
light matter from nebulae,
narcissi dream and corollas,
iron organs and radiations:
oreal by fire.
beyond your eyes, unreal dark
beyond your cage, unreal force
beyond your dreams, unreal forms
beyond your love, unreal death.
when light fades to dark
nails are swirling
in the box of my brain.
I watch in the tear of soul
virtual sequence
of disturbing pictures.
inmate pushes the surface
with his forehead
to dislodge the fury.
microbes, electric visions
infernal mutations.
Unreal cinema 1
from the gloomy skies, thousands of birds
are crashing down, swallowed up by glowing
fires up to entrails. without any guide,
sightless in flight, struck, snapped up
and crushed, harshness screaming,
breakings and knocked spirals.
hearts are bleeding, feathers are crackling
gaping orbits, devoid of consumed eyes
are filling up, with last red tears
which are clotting one by one on the sterile
ground ... from the crash of skulls, few
pale fragments carried by a wave, are rising;
earth is darkened by a mud on which the trees
will live again...
atrocity has its own ground: ultimate silt final feeding.
"L'homme n'est l'homme qu'à surface. Lève la peau,
dissèque: ici commencent les machines. Puis, tu te
perds dans une substance inexplicable, étrangère à
tout ce quie tu sais et qui es poutrant l'essentielle"
(Paul Valery / 1910)

 * cd cover:

Die Form
l;âme électrique
Composed, performed and recorded at Red Light Laboratory
by Philippe Fichot / Die Form (P) 1995-Copyright Control
Die Form are Philippe F. and Eliane P.
Cover design & photography: Philippe F.

 * information about the cd:

 Taken out of "Orkus" music magazine, May 1996, translated from German into
English: (the translation probably is crude... sorry)

Die Form in own words

Text & Photo: Philippe Fichot
(left is the cover picture of L;âme électrique)

Martyrium 2 (Memorial to Hiroshima)

Composed on the 50th anniversary of the Hiroshima massacre; it's dedicated
to the victims of all wars.
I started to compose the first part of Martyrium I and sampled sounds from
the audience to transform them into sounds.

Phenomena of Visitation

A few more weird stories of sin and virtue... good and bad... live and
death... shining eroticism.

Rosa Aeterna (for Robert Desnos)

Dedicated to writer Robert Desnos, who died in a concentration camp.
Hopefully it proves that petry and freedom will alway have a chance of

La Somnambule

The story of Somnambule; very suitable for another video and the live
performance of Pascale, our new dancer using Japanese Buto techniques.The
song describes live beyond sleep; very slow and melodic.

The Hate

About the dualism of love and hate.
So black are your eyes,
so dark is your spirit.
The pain of your soul, eternal lasting pleasure.

Le Reve 2

Between dream and extasy, far away from the world of rational
things...dissipated passion from a new side.

Martyrium 1 (The Lovers)

Describes the story of a romantic love: The heroine mourns for her dead
lover, his dissected skull on her knees. Something between Stendahl and
Nagisa Oshima... Stroboscopic theatre of love.

La Machine Moderne

Creeps into the moist convolutions of female extasy, body and soul -
causing a trembling feeling. The pleasure is electrifying (the joy is
discharge) and the "rape of the soul", which is similar to epilepsy (or
death), is closely connected to electricity.

La Reve 1

The instrumental landscape from a dream...

Luminary (L'áme électrique)

Describes the differences between appearance and existence of human
feelings, which has its origin in the electrifying power of human
desires.The idea of the "electric soul" dominated the scientific and
literary picture, especially until the end of the 19th century, electric
liquid, animal electricity, resurrection of dead by electrical machinery,
androids, somnambulists...


Is a kind of hallucinating trip into the depths of a mind, separated from
reality, under the influence of a complete dream, haunted by uncontrollable
images which take possession of it... close to madness.

Unreal Cinema 1

The last apocalyptic vision, composed of classical instruments and pure
sounds of machinery. Eliane opera voice forms a contrast to the terribly
hostile world and reveals real beauty at last reaching beyond reality; the
light must show through the shadow.

Phenomena of visitation:

 * year:

 * no:
   [http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium CDS 39101663

 * track list:

Phenomena of Visitation (Mix 3 / video-clip version)  4'18
Masochist 2 Remix                                     4'15
Masochist 4 Remix                                     3'27
Tokyo Dream (Additional voices by Mutsumi Oku)        4'30

 * information included with the cd single:

Die Form
Phenomena of visitation
Composed, performed and recorded by Philippe Fichot / Die Form
(P) 1996 Copyright Control - Cover Design & photo: Philippe F.
The video-tape of PHENOMENA/mix 3 is available at BAIN TOTAL:

Releases on compilations:

Note: This list is probably not very complete - Die Form participated at at
least 60 international compilations.

 Die Form tracks can be found on the following compilations:

 * Kodex Vol. 4 CD
 * Official Techno Club Compilation Volume 2 CD
 * Art And Dance Volume 5 CD (Gothic Arts)
 * Face To Face Vol. 1 12" (Odd Size)
 * Q.E.D. CD (N.L. Centrum 1990)
 * [http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium Promotional
Sampler CD ([http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium 1992)
 * Electrocity Vol. 4 CD (Ausfahrt 1993)
 * Heavenly Voices CD ([http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html]
Hyperium 1993)
 * We Came To Dance Vol. 3 CD (Sub Terranean 1994)
 * Zwischenfall: From The 80's To The 90's CD (Subtronic 1994)
 * Body Rapture 3 CD (Zoth Ommog 1994)
 * Digital Space Between Vol. 2 CD (Hard 1995)
 * Zauber Of Music Volume II CD
([http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium 1995)
 * Moonraker Vol. II CD (Sub Terranean 1995)
 * We Came To Dance Vol. 4 CD (Sub Terranean 1995)
 * Dive Performance 10th Anniversary (Semaphore 1996)
 * A Conclusion Of Unrestrained Philosophy CD (Livevil 1989)
 * Call of the Banshee CD (Sub Terranean 1994)
 * Fetish Soundtracks 1 CD (Hypnobeat 1995)
 * Industrial Revolution 3rd Edition CD (Cleopatra 1996)
 * Touched By The Hand Of Goth Vol. II CD (Sub Terranean 1996)
 * The Gothic Compilation Part IV CD (Gothic Records/AM Music 1996)

 A track of Elektrode (Die Form-Side Project 4) can be found on

 * Touched By The Hand Of Goth CD (Sub Terranean 1995)

 A track of Ukiyo (D.F. Sadist School, Side-Project 5 w/A. Nakajima/Aube)
can be found on

 * Hypnobeats CD (Hypnobeat)

 A track of D.F. Sadist School (Die Form Side-Project 6) can be found on

 * Hypnobeats CD (Hypnobeat)


 There are various videos and films for live-actions projections

Video: Phenomena of visitation (video tape 1):

 * media type:
  video, E-30

 * year:

 * track list:

Clip / Mix 3
Live action cuts
Book demo

 * length:

 * information on the video cover:

Composed, performed and recorded
by Philippe Fichot/Die Form
[P] 1995/Copyright Control
Cover design & Photography: Ph. Fichot

Printed material:

 There's also available a 24 page press booklet from Bain Total.

Book: The Visionary Garden - Philippe Fichot, Die Form:

 * media type:

 * year:

 * ISBN:

 * info:
  Artware Edition Vol. 1

 * limited edition of 999 hand-numbered copies;
 * hard-cover
 * about 100 black&white pictures
 * texts in English, German, French and Japanese
 * price: about DM 84 in Germany, about DM 120 (includes shipping) in the

  Ned writes:
  It's a limited edition of 999 hand-numbered copies.  My French isn't very
good,  but I think the note says that there was originally a limited
edition of 37  copies numbered 1-37, and another limited edition of 13
copies numbered I-XIII,  each including an original photo signed by Fichot.
 The book is Artware Edition  Vol. 1 and contains 99 duotone plates, some
of the photos have appeared in Die  Form CDs before but many are

 * contact address:
  Artware Products
  Donna Klemm
  Taunusstrasse 63b
  65185 Wiesbaden
  phone: +49-611-524133
  fax  : +49-611-59654

5. Die Form Live Actions:

Tours and performances in France, Germany, Canada, Netherlands, Italy,
Austria, Switzerland, Belgique.

5.1. TV coverage:

 * "PEEP" (RTL2, Munich/Germany) not broadcasted!
 * "Knack Club" (Berlin/Germany)
 * "Tempel" (Munich, Germany)
 * FR3, France: Lille, Besancon, Strasbourg

5.2. Radio coverage:

 *  "Claire de Nuit" (France Culture)
 * various appearances on Grenzwellen, Radio FFN, Germany

5.3. Concert dates:

Philippe Fichot about the symbolics of their performance:

In the centre of the zone of shadow (the operator, who I am) and the zone
of light (played by Eliane) swings Pascale (the buto-dancer) between
darkness and brightness and becomes a frontier crosser between two

Die Form played/will play on these dates:

(This list is NOT complete at all!)

 * 08.09.94, Essen/Germany, Zeche Carl
 * 09.09.94, Nuremburg/Germany, Das Boot
 * 10.09.94, Kiel/Germany, Traumfabrik
 * 11.09.94, Erfurt/Germany, Bunker
 * 22.10.94, Karlsruhe/Germany, Festhalle Durlach
 * 23.10.94, Arnsberg/Neheim/Germany, Cult
 * 05.05.95, Magdeburg/Germany, JZF Klausener
 * 06.05.95, Bielefeld/Germany, Kamp,
OFF-Beat/[http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html] Hyperium
 * 25.05.95, Freyburg/Germany, Schloß Neuenburg, Indie-Tours-Festival
 * 14.06.96, Kaufbeuren/Germany, Melodrom
 * 22.09.95, Krefeld/Germany, Kulturfabrik
 * 06.10.95, Augsburg/Germany, Kerosin
 * 07.10.95, Potsdam/Germany, Waschhaus
 * 08.10.95, Lichtenstein/Lichtenstein, Uni Club
 * 09.10.95, Arnheim/Netherlands, Willem I
 * 21.11.95, Potsdam/Germany, Zone Club
 * 22.11.95, Bochum/Germany, Riff
 * 23.11.95, Cologne/Germany, Underground
 * 24.11.95, Augsburg/Germany, Kerosin
 * 25.11.95, Münster/Germany, X-Floor (400)
 * 12.04.96, Erfurt-Buschleben/Germany, Zum Alten Kaiser *
 * 13.04.96, Großörner/Germany, Underground *
 * 15.04.96, Essen/Germany, Zeche Carl (400) *
 * 16.04.96, Hamburg/Germany, Markthalle *
 * 17.04.96, Herford/Germany, Kick *
 * 24.-27.05.96, Leipzig/Germany, Werk II, 5th Wave- & Gothic-Meeting (400)
 * 21.09.96, Zeulenroda/Germany, Stadthalle *** (probably last date in

Die Form list these selection of "Last performances" (as at July 1996):

 * Zürich/Switzerland (300 auditors)
 * Leipzig/Germany, Werk II, (400), 24.-27.05.96
 * Vienna/Austria, Arena (400)
 * Strasbourg/France, Festival La Laiterie (headliner) (700)
 * Querfurt/Germany, Festival Chateau, (headliner with Laibach) (2500)
 * Paris/France, gala Ecole Polytechnique (400)
 * Montpellier/France, Rockstore (400)
 * Nantes/France, Festival anciennes usines LU (headliner) (800)
 * Waregem/???, Steeple (600)
 * Münster/Germany, X-Floor (400), 25.11.95
 * Essen/Germany, Zeche Carl (400), 15.04.96
 * Essen/German, Zeche Carl, 16.04.97

 For information on Germany call:

 * *:
Diva Performance
Promotion / Booking
phone: +49-201-276539
fax: +49-201-271716
 * **:
Black Book
phone: +49-341-3080-120 (till 15.30 pm), -133 (from 11.59 am)
 * ***:

5.4. Concert reviews

Here's a review Ansgar wrote about the concert in Bochum/Germany, Zeche
Carl, on 08.09.94:
Sorry, at the moment this text is only available in German.
Anyone willing to translate it into English?
 Die Form (Zeche Carl, Essen - 8.9.1994)

 Angesichts der Tatsache, dass die Veröffentlichung des neuen Mini-Albums
"Cantique" [Gemeint ist wohl "Rose Au Coeur Violet"] der französischen
Lack-und-Leder-PropagistInnen Die Form für Mitte September angekündigt ist,
versprach das Konzert neues Material, so daß der Besuch der Performance in
der Essener Zeche Carl durchaus mit gehobenen Erwartungen verbunden war.
Der erste Eindruck, den das Publikums machte - bei Form-Auftritten ein
recht kritischer Faktor - war durchaus vielversprechend, so daß die
Wartezeit auf den um eine gute halbe Stunde verspäteten Beginn frohen Mutes
zugebracht wurde.

 Zunächst folgte die Ernüchterung, da das Konzert mit dem Opener "Ad
Infinitum" und dem bekannten Chrysanthemen-Video startete, also alles wie
gehabt, wobei auch noch die Konzertkarten mit dem Aufdruck "Ad Infinitum"
stigmatisiert waren. Dabei stellten sich neben der typischen Eliane-P.-
Frage (wie kriegt die Frau diese glatte Rasur hin, das habe ich in meinem
Gesicht noch nie geschafft!) mal wieder die Frage, ob es eigentlich für Sex
mit Pflanzen einen eigenen Fachterminus gibt. In der Performance waren
allerdings schon zu diesem Zeitpunkt Unterschiede festzustellen: statt im
Rollstuhl in Nonnentracht auf die Bühne geschoben zu werden, war Eliane
einfach irgendwann da (jaja, dieser Nebel!) und präsentierte sich in einem
langen schwarzen Ledermantel.

 Die Befürchtung, zum dritten mal der gleichen Show beizuwohnen, bestätigte
sich dann aber nicht, als Die Form bereits beim zweiten Stück zu
ungewohnten Klängen übergingen. Wenn das der neue Weg der Band ist, so kann
man ihn sicherlich als einigermaßen überraschend bezeichnen: die
Dancefloor- und Tekkno-Einflüsse der letzten CDs scheinen vergessen zu sein
und sind ruhigen Klängen mit fast mittelalterlich klingendem Gesang
gewichen - in dieser Form ein wenig an "In the Nursery" erinnernd. Die
Perfomance fand fast ohne Video-Unterstützung statt - lediglich ein
weiteres Video wurde vorgeführt, hinzu kamen noch Liveaufnahmen von Eliane
und dem Publikum der ersten Reihen.

 Leider mußte der positive Eindruck, den das Publikum gemacht hatte,
teilweise revidiert werden. Die Qualität der Zwischenrufe(!), die es da
gab, ließ Spekulationen aufkommen, ob vielleicht der RWE-Fanclub Essen-Nord
sein Kampftrinken in die Zeche Carl verlegt hatte (besoffen klang die
Stimme allerdings nicht) oder ob Freikarten im Kindergarten Altenessen
verteilt worden waren (wie Kinder hörten die sich aber auch nicht an).Von
daher bleibt eigentlich nur die Erklärung ueber, dass sich einige
Dumpfköpfe ins Konzert verirrt hatten, die mitbekommen haben müssen, daß
Die Form-Konzerte eine Show mit viel Sex und S/M bieten, aber davon
überrascht wurden, daß das in ein Gesamt-Konzept eingebunden ist, das
Spannern wohl eher auf die Drüsen schlägt. Glücklicherweise hatten die
Zwischenrufe, die sich zuletzt immer mehr auf das besonders einfallsreiche
"Aufhören" und "Poser"(!?) konzentrierten, irgendwann ein Ende. Gevatter
Voyeur hatte wohl die Androhung eines körperlichen Verweises in Form einer
Beule erhalten oder war endlich nach Hause gegangen.

 So konnte das Konzert seinen dreigeteilten Verlauf nehmen: zunächst gab es
vornehmlich mir unbekanntes - also vermutlich neues - Material zu hören,
nach einer kurzen Pause kamen Eliane und Philippe wieder, um ihre größten
Hits aufzuführen. Hier waren natürlich die Klassiker "Silent Order" und
"Bite of God" ebenso vertreten wie "Doctor X" von der Tears-of-Eros-CD, was
wohl den Höhepunkt des Konzertes darstellte. Die Performance beschränkte
sich auf das Form-Übliche: Eliane präsentierte ihren rasierten
Schambereich, es gab Fesselungs- und Flagellations-Andeutungen und Phillipe
spielte - wie immer ganz in Leder und mit Gasmaske auf dem Kopf, wurde er
eigentlich schonmal ohne gesehen? - mit Messern und Fäckelchen rum, wobei
die Musik größtenteils von der Konserve kam. Nur der Gesang war wie immer
teilweise live, wobei auch hier die Unterscheidung, was von der Konserve
kam und was nicht, schwer fällt - jedenfalls wichen Elianes
Lippenbewegungen teilweise schon auffällig von den hörbaren Texten ab.

 Nachdem die Form wieder die Bühne verlassen hatten und eine gute halbe
Stunde ins Land gezogen war, hatten sicherlich gute drei Viertel die Halle
verlassen und auch die anderen rechneten wohl kaum noch damit, dass Eliane
und Philippe nochmal fuer eine gute 3/4 Stunde zurückkommen sollten. In
diesem Teil gab es vor allem etwas schwereres, leicht industriallastiges
Material zu hören und der lokale Veranstalter, der sich nach Aussage von
Horst Sackreuter (Diva Performance) Penetrationen auf der Bühne verbeten
hatte, bekam auch noch eine kleine Überraschung geboten, als Philipe einen
durchaus stattlichen Dildo auspackte.

 Nach diesem Teil des Konzertes wurde durch Einschalten des Lichtes
unmißverständlich das Ende des Konzertes bekanntgegeben und der/die
geneigte FreundIn der Form hatte noch die Möglichkeit, am
Merchandising-Stand allerlei Form-Nippes und Musik zu erwerben. Der
Verfasser dieser Zeilen gab sich schließlich mit einem "Ad
Infinitum"-T-Shirt (jetzt silber auf schwarz) und einer signierten Single
(kultig, gebt's ruhig zu!) zufrieden.Das Konzertplakat, auch fuer schlappe
acht DM käuflich und signiert zu erwerben, amputierte er sich dann lieber
doch signatur- und kostenlos von einer Wand der Zeche Carl.

 Als Fazit bleibt wohl festzuhalten, dass die Diskussionen um das
Avantgarde-Duo sicherlich fortgesetzt werden werden und sich wohl nie
Einigkeit darueber herstellen lassen wird, ob die beiden jetzt
langweilig-eingefahrene ProvokateurInnen sind, eine geniale Performance
bieten oder doch etwa ein sexistisches Spektakel. Weiteres Fazit ist
allerdings mit Sicherheit, dass Die Form keine Show fuer SpannerInnen
bieten, zumindest nicht, wenn sie mit der Musik der Band nichts anfangen
koennen. Dazu trägt sicherlich besonders bei, dass es keinerlei Kontakt
zwischen Band und Publikum gibt.

 Aus diesem Grunde soll diese Mail auch in dem einen oder anderen Forum,
das sich mit Sex beschaeftigt, gepostet sein. Ein Form-Konzert ist ein
lohnendes Spektakel fuer Menschen, die Dark Electro mögen, und die nicht
meinen, dass Musik auf der Bühne handgemacht sein sollte. Solche Leute -
gegen den Sexismusvorwurf spricht übrigens der hohe Frauenanteil im
Publikum - werden an Show und Musik des Duos ihre Freude haben, während
die, die nur zum Gucken kommen wohl eher gefrustet den Heimweg antreten
müssen.Article by Ansgar Spiertz (UPH912@ZX2.HRZ.UNI-DORTMUND.DE), posted
on 10.09.94 in the following newsgroups:

 * musik.ger   (German Fido)
 * cl.kultur.musik (German CL network)
 * z-netz.alt.ebm+electro (German z-netz network) (back then it was called
 * z-netz.freizeit.musik (German z-netz network)
 * z-netz.alt.sex (German z-netz network) (back then it was called
 * de.talk.sex (German usenet)

6. Artistic background

The work of Die Form shows references to several artists and movements: A
few of them are:

 * Hans Bellmer:

 * born 13.03.1902 in Kattowitz (Poland)
 * died 24.02.1975 in Paris (France)
 * painter, drawer, poet
 * influenced by Beardsley and Grosz
 * connection with surrealism
 * made drawings which were sensitive and strong of expression, which were 
    dominated by rich nuanced eroticism

  Connection to Die Form:

 * poems on Rose Au Coeur Violet together with     Nora Mitrani and Joe
     the title Rose Au Coeur Violet is     from his work "petite anatomie
de l'inconscient physique ou l'anatomie de     l'image" [ed. E. Losfeld |
 * Hans Bellmer did a piece of art called      Die Puppe, maybe that's one
of the more      more obvious conncection.

 * Nora Mitrani:  Connection to Die Form:

 *  French anagrammes on Rose Au Coeur Violet       together with Hans
Bellmer and Joe Bousquet.

 * Joe Bousquet:  Connection to Die Form:

 *  French anagrammes on Rose Au Coeur Violet       together with Hans
Bellmer and Nora Mitrani.

 * Gabrielle Wittkop
 * Robert Desnos
 * Paul Ambroise Valéry:

 * French poet
 * born 30.10.1871, Sète/France
 * died 20.07.1945, Paris/France
 * one of the most important lyric poets of the 20th century
 * in sucession of Mallarmés main represantative of the "Poésie pure" with 
    poems of polished beauty of sound ("La jeune Parque", 1917; "Charmess",

  Connection with Die Form:

 *   Text of him printed in booklet of L;âme électrique.

 * Bauhaus:

 * Very influential arts and architecture movement in the 1920es in

  Connection with Die Form:

 * The name "Die Form" originates from a journal of the same name which was
     issued in the 1920es in Germany and was strongly connected to the
Bauhaus arts      and architecture movement.
 * Rose Au Coeur Violet contains new photography and a geometric asthetic
which is inspired      by the lines of the Bauhaus movement.

7. Internet resources:

 * Information about the [http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html]
Hyperium label can be found at 
http://www.netville.de/hyperium/index.html,  e-mail
 * Other information about Die Form and Die Form side project releases can 
be found at [http://kzsu.stanford.edu/eklein/] Ed Klein's
industrial/electro/... music database  at
[http://kzsu.stanford.edu/eklein/] http://kzsu.stanford.edu/eklein/.

8. Missing things:

 * Various... :)

9. This document can be found at...

 This document once was at
http://www.informatik.uni-kiel.de/~thd/die_form.htm but it's not available
at the moment there.This document can now be found at

 Thanks to [http://members.aol.com/dwriedt/index.htm] Dirk Wriedt
(dirkw@toppoint.de) for providing the web space!

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